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  1. Children from the Beyond

  2. Disobsession

  3. Genesis

  4. Heaven and Hell

  5. Obsession-passes-counseling

  6. Our Daily Bread

  7. Preparation of workers

  8. The Spirits' Book

  9. The Gospel According to Spiritism

  10. The World of the Spirit

  11. The Mediums' Books

  12. The Astral City

  13. We are all Mediums

  14. Who is Afraid of Death ?

  15. Why I Believe in Personal Immortality

Notice about the books available on this page:

The books herein presented are used solely for contributing to the worldwide dissemination of the Spiritist Doctrine in English. They are not to be distributed commercially since a number of these books require the approval of the publishers who retain the original copyrights. Any unauthorized distribution of these books for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Some of the books on this page are currently under revision and may be slightly altered in the future.


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